About Svenska Haland Teknik AB


Svenska Haland started on a very modest scale at Järfällavägen in Jakobsberg. Production at that time was limited to only one part for IBM. Manufacturing was done with machines provided by the customer. The facilities were small and not well suited for this type of business. But with a pioneering spirit and a dedicated staff we grew and expanded.


Moved to a new, larger facility at Spjutvägen in Skälby, where personnel and the number of machines increased.


Moved to our current location at Gunnebogatan, Lunda Industrial area in Spånga where we operate in an environmentally friendly facility that is well suited for our business. We have high ceilings and floors designed for heavy equipment in a controlled environment.


Svenska Haland acquired the property at Gunnebogatan.


Here we are

Svenska HALAND Teknik AB
Garpenbergsgatan 2
S-163 53 Spånga
Phone : +4684457740
E-mail : haland@haland.se